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SOLO SHOWS       //

MAVI MELEK      //      2016

@erratumgallery, Berlin, Germany.

The starting inspiration came from “Der blaue Engel“, 1930 (The Blue Angel), Marlene Dietrich’s first film. Dietrich is one of the most famous feminine icons of the 1930s silver screen cinema, she is the embodiment of glamour, yet continues to exude mystery and define strength in femininity well into present day. Blue is the prominent color-element in my work, due to it’s presence in my personal memory and narrative, The blue thread that connects all of my artworks, is a journey through the image, which recounts the different stories of women joined in collective memory.

The social, political and cultural legacy of our various iconic feminine experiences inspire our generation and inform representations which remain inexorably tied to our various individual and collective memories. Here, the women embodying these experiences are the Blue Angels.

A DROP IN A POOL      //      2015

@gamagallery, Istanbul, Turkey.

Mathilde Melek An' s work are photographic and video portrayal of movement or lack there of, focused on a specific repetition and matching patterns. Portraying the world as a window into the movement, and turning the images into drops hitting the window. This artist showcases contemporary analogy of ever-changing means. Her work is derived from archives found and based on a virtual fictionalized world. She portrays her research of the evolution of the movement in time, using elements such as fabric or tiles. These imprints, by units repeating each other, fall like drops in a metaphoric pool shaped world and become frozen, framed and sequestered artwork.

GELINCIK      //      2014

@gamagallery, Istanbul, Turkey.

Intro:    "She ever-changing story of eternal search"

Mathilde Melek An represents this beautiful synthesis between French and Turkish Cultures; her art, itself, is part of this mixture.

An's work is not only a tie between East and West but also a tie between generations;

She is actually bringing a new "regard", her work reflects individual and collective, traditional and modern cultural approach.

She is in a constant search to interpret different identities in an evolutionary "voyage"; she is mainly using photography and video to interpret different cultures codes and she also has her own way of photography story telling.

© 2013 by Mathilde Melek An. All rights reserved.

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